Nokia Makes The Lumia 920 And Lumia 820 Official – PureView On 920, Wireless Charging And Windows Phone 8

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820

The Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 were constantly leaked days before the official announcement took place. And just like that, the two devices are now official. The Lumia 920 is the new Nokia flagship device, and the Lumia 820 takes off from where the Lumia 800 left, albeit with a much stronger feature to boast about – PureView.

First up, the Lumia 920. It comes with a 4.5″ PureMotion HD+ display – it’s more than a HD display. That’s what Nokia calls its new display tech. You might remember ClearBlack Display, and you’d remember it being awesome. CBDs used AMOLED, whereas PureMotion HD+ uses LCD units, and due to this, Nokia says, it’s the brightest smartphone HD display, ever. I’m not sure if brightness is better than pure blacks which LED displays can achieve, but only a hands-on will help. Oh, the Lumia 920 also comes with the most sensitive touchscreen on a smartphone. So if you’re wearing gloves, and the cold out is killing, you can rest assured and use the Lumia 920, the screen will respond.

Moving on from the display, there’s a dual core Snapdragon S4 “Krait” processor, clocked at 1.5 GHz, and Adreno 225 GPU. Gaming shouldn’t be a pain in the ass any more. There’s 1 GB RAM, and 32 GB internal memory, which cannot be expanded, sadly. And like the N9, the Lumia 920 features a single piece polycarbonate body, albeit a bit more curved than the N9’s.

Nokia Lumia 920

The Lumia 920 comes with an 8.7 MP PureView sensor, which we’ve explained in much more detail here. It features a “Floating Lens” Optical Image Stabilisation, and there’s a short pulse high power LED flash. It’s no Xenon, but it’s faster than conventional LED flash.

Wait, I’ll quickly mention the specs, to avoid any confusions.

  • Windows Phone 8
  • 4.5″ PureMotion HD+ LCD display, 1280×768 pixels ~332 PPI
  • 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 Krait processor, Adreno 225 GPU
  • 8.7 MP PureView camera, short pulse high power LED flash, 1080p recording at 30 FPS; front facing 1.2 MP camera
  • 1 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory, non-expandable
  • Qi Wireless charging, Wi-Fi, NFC, LTE, Bluetooth 3.1
  • 2000 mAh battery

Of course, there’s Nokia Maps for navigation, Nokia Music for streaming music and the likes.

Now coming to the Lumia 820 – it’s got a 4.3″ AMOLED display with Nokia’s proprietary ClearBlack Display technology. It’s also got an 8 MP camera with dual LED flash, but it’s not a PureView sensor. The screen resolution remains at a tawdry 800×480 WVGA pixels, which, on a 4.3″ display, is annoying, to say the least.

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia is introducing exchangeable covers for the Lumia 820, which will be available in seven colours – yellow, cyan, purple, red, grey, white, and black. These are the normal covers, but there will also be NFC-enabled ones, which will also be sold.

  • Windows Phone 8
  • 4.3″ AMOLED CBD display, 800×480 pixels ~217 PPI
  • 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 Krait processor, Adreno 225 GPU
  • 8 MP camera, dual LED flash, 1080p recording at 30 FPS; front facing 1.2 MP camera
  • 1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory, expandable upto 32 GB with a memory card
  • Qi Wireless charging, Wi-Fi, NFC, LTE, Bluetooth 3.1
  • 1650 mAh battery

Nokia didn’t announce the pricing and availability of both these devices, which is annoying. Of course, it’s going to take a solid 2 months for them to make it available, so, bummer.

Then again, I’m excited about the Lumia 920. It looks hot, and there’s Windows Phone 8, which I’m looking forward to, too.

Meanwhile, here are the first hands-on videos of the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.