[Updated] Nokia N9 Lookalike, Sea Ray, Could Be Nokia’s First Windows Phone [Video]

Leak time guys. And this time, it’s nothing else but Nokia’s first, yes, I repeat, first Windows Phone, code named Sea Ray. There are a couple of videos already available to show the thing off.

Looks strikingly similar to the Harmattan MeeGo running N9, with the only difference being a dedicated Camera button on the right. Of course, those four Windows Phone buttons will be there, but in a capacitive avatar. But as of now, it looks like an N9 running Windows Phone. So much for a sidetracking with Microsoft, Nokia?

Here’s a screenshot gallery –

[nggallery id=32]


Update: Our good reader @marvelprash tipped us off about the full video on Youtube. It’s more friendlier, the Youtube one, so yeah.


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