Pandora Launches Its Windows Phone App, Windows Phone 8 And Minimum 512 RAM Required

Pandora had been one of those apps missing on the Windows Phone platform, until now. The music streaming service has finally released a Windows Phone version, albeit it’s region restricted.

As a special gift to Windows Phone users, you get an ad-free experience for the rest of 2013. That’s still 9+ months to go. The app is free, of course.

Pandora for Windows Phone

Pandora also makes use of the Kid’s Corner feature in WP8 – if it’s activated, and you’ve added the Pandora Live Tile to the screen, launching it will activate the explicit content filter automatically. This is the first time I’m hearing any app do this on its own, so there’s opportunity for developers to learn and make use of this feature.

As it goes, it’s not available in India, yet. However, Joe Belfiore is saying that there’ll be something for the regions left out this time.

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