Rumour: Nokia To Release Multiple Windows Phones Along With A Slide-out Qwert ala E7

Alright, while casually browsing around the web, I read this report on ShinyShiny that gives away some info about the possibility of a Nokia Windows Phone ‘with’ a slide-out Qwerty. And it maybe released as soon as this year. Maybe by September.

While it is all speculation at this moment, ShinyShiny’s Anna Leach got hold of a Nokia rep during a recent Nokia event (Nokia Connection?). Among other info like “deep integration” of Nokia’s performing assets from Symbian, the representative seemed to hint at a ‘Business-oriented’ device, among ‘others’. So yeah, are we looking at multiple Windows Phones from Nokia this year itself? Reports were doing the rounds that the Finnish giant would be releasing only one device this year.

Oh well, to be on a safer side, take these reports with a pinch of salt.

ShinyShiny via ZOMGitsCJ