Skype For Windows Phone Ready To Be Tested By Microsoft Employees

Microsoft Windows Phone Apollo Skype

Remember Microsoft had acquired Skype? Sure you do. And like us, you may have also been wondering when would the Redmond based company bring it to their Windows Phone OS. Microsoft could probably have a Beta version ready, says a leak.

Oh, before you get excited, the company will be testing it in-house, with its employees. Not you. Not the public. And that the app will be in Beta, and that Tango is just round the corner, I’d do good to say it will come with Apollo. Because, Skype integration in the OS is going to be a big news, and I don’t expect Microsoft to pass the opportunity off by announcing it with Tango. Moreover, this give it quite a bit of time to squash the bugs, and release a mostly-bug-free app, thus maintaining the overall quality of the inbuilt apps.