Tutorial: Use Otixo to sync pictures and other content between your WP7 device and PC

You already know that SkyDrive is deeply integrated into WP7. If you are using Skydrive to backup pictures or any other content on your WP7 device there is good news for you. You can now move one step ahead and integrate SkyDrive into your Windows PC or Mac and automatically access the content you have backed up using windows explorer. Confused? In this tutorial. you’ll learn how to map SkyDrive using Otixo and use it as any other Windows folder. You can do all operations like cut, copy, paste, delete, create new folders and organize your content in the simplest possible way;, without even opening your browser.

Step 1

Make sure your photos are getting backed up on SkyDrive ( Note : This feature is data intensive, so make sure you have a free data plan)

Step 2

Go to Otixo.com and sign-up. Otixo is an awesome service that lets you connect and access many cloud based services (including SkyDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Box and many others ) at one place. Once you are done with sign-in process, connect your SkyDrive account to Otixo (see picture below)

Select the (+) sign next to “My Cloud Services” . Select Skydrive. You’ll be prompted to give a name to your SkyDrive folder. Click on Authorize.

Step 3

After authorization is complete, SkyDrive will be linked to Otixo. Now you need to map it as a drive. Go to Computer and select Map Network Drive from the ribbon.

Step 4

In the dialog box type “https://dav.otixo.com” in folder field and press Finish

Step 5

Windows will ask you for your Otixo username and password. Once you are done with login process, a network drive will be created in Computer.  You can access your SkyDrive content from here (and also other cloud services)