Twitter Updates Its Windows Phone App, Bringing Live Tile Support

Twitter for Windows Phone has always been frowned upon, since it not only looked ugly, but was also against the Metro design guidelines of Microsoft, making the app look something the rest of the OS was not. Disconnected, in other terms. Also, the iOS and Android apps had all the latest features, but the Windows Phone version continued to look like something from the last year.


With that background behind, Twitter has today updated its app, bringing Live Tile support, and the Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs finally. However, there is a lot of wasted space on the top. The themes are gone now, and there is no way to set refresh interval. You can set what notifications are pushed to you, though, and the app now supports the Lockscreen notifications, both detailed and quick status.

Well, at least it doesn’t look as ugly as before. And there is some Metro, too.

Get the app from the Windows Phone Store