[Video] Aviary Photo Editor SDK Launched For Windows Phone + First Look At Rowi 2.1

Aviary is quite famous as a Photo Editor. And if you cannot recollect, Flickr uses it, so if you’ve used Flickr, you’d know. Well anyway, the service has had its SDK for iPhone, and Android, for quite some time now, apart from support for Web-based apps. They’ve launched a Windows Phone SDK today, so you (devs) can make use of it and add photo-editing features in your apps.

Aviary Photo Editor SDK for Windows Phone

It’s a good addition to the Windows Phone platform, and you should be able to see more apps making use of this SDK to enhance their apps. There are a few Instagram-wannabe apps for Windows Phone (Fotoroom, for example), but they’re all slow, and cumbersome.

Aviary has partnered with 4 apps for the launch – Rowi, 4th and Mayor, Postcard on the run, and rekap.

The folks over at WPCentral also managed to have a first look at Rowi 2.1, which features a photo editor courtesy of Aviary. Quick, have a look at it below –