WhatsApp Pulled From Windows Phone Marketplace Due To “Security Issues”

Something that has been irritating me over the last weekend has been WhatsApp’s disappearance from the Windows Phone Marketplace. I had it installed on my HTC HD7, which my brother happened to uninstall mistakenly. And then I got the Lumia 610 for review. I decided to go install WhatsApp on both the phones, but to my utter shock, it was nowhere to be found.

WhatsApp WP Marketplace

I tried finding a direct link to it, and located it on the phone Marketplace, but I couldn’t install it. The next day, the app was totally pulled out of the Marketplace (earlier, it was at least visible with a direct link), sparking rumours that the devs were planning on introducing a paid-for version in place of the current free version.

Turns out, it was pulled because of security concerns. The messages you send and receive are being done so in Plaintext, using the XMP protocol. If it’s Greek and Latin to you – the messages are not encrypted, and anyone on the same network (example: office, cafe) can easily eavesdrop on your conversations.

Curiously, it’s been pulled from only one application store. I certainly am missing it on my Lumia 610 and HD7.