Why Pick Action Launcher As Your Exclusive Launcher

Chris Lacey is the author of Action Launcher Pro and Action Launcher Free. He created a spectacular array of features that work exclusively for this launcher and no other similar launcher on the market. At the moment, a brief glance at the product could help you see why Action is better than the Apex or Nova alternatives that are currently made available for users.   


What The Installation Of Action Launch Brings

Upon installing Action Launch you will be cleverly, but briefly introduced to all of the features and special options of the app. Quickpage, Covers, Shutters, Quickdrawer, or 1-Swipe are just a few of the hottest features that many people find most worthy of their attention. Below we will discuss some of these features and give you a clearer view of what the entire app can do.


Action Launch – Key Features Explained

Quickpage enables you to create pages of widgets and apps that can be quickly accessed no matter where you are, using your home screen and a right edge swipe. You can hence gain immediate access to your data and make sure you can enable an important app on the spot, hassle-free. The Quickpage feature also allows you to add or remove items from your pages by simply holding a long press on them.   

The Covers feature enables you to gain access to important contacts and lets you either call them directly or simply view their details. You can also create direct dial widgets of contacts or contact widgets by visiting the widgets list. Drag the widgets on top of the Phone icon and make your very own cover. Swipe up from the icon and immediately access the cover.

Shutters is the house cleaning lady of your home screen; it prevents you from seeing clutter – widgets you never use anymore spread around. Swipe up the app icon on the home screen and access the desired widgets: this will trigger you to see the fully functional app like it would be placed right on your screen and not just a picture of it. Accessing your favorite apps via your home screen is an excellent idea that the majority of Action Launcher users are making a great deal about. You will save precious space on your screen and edit your options by long pressing the app.

Quickdrawer is one of the most beloved features of the app. It lets users gain on the spot access to apps and widgets, alphabetically, plus access to the PlayStore, Google Search and the setting of the Auction Launcher. The app hosts plenty of other useful features that are fully customizable and which seem to be currently missing from other launchers. If you are planning on using you Android phone to install the Action Launcher app, prepare for some serious effectiveness enhancement in using your phone. You will do everything faster and gain more spare time. Use it to visit the PayPalBingoOnline site and use your Android to play bingo with the top 5 bingo venues online. Look at all the site reviews and filter your search using your favorite payment method.