Windows Phone Users: You’ll Need To Have WP 7.5 Mango At Least To Download Apps

If you’re a Windows Phone user running a version of the OS older than Mango (Windows Phone 7.5), then here’s something that is going to effect you – Microsoft will soon disallow downloading/updating/buying of apps on such devices.

Windows Phone Marketplace changes Mango

Microsoft mentioned a couple of changes to the Marketplace experience today. The first change, I mentioned above. And in all possibility, you either have Mango installed, or you don’t use your Windows Phone. So yeah, this change doesn’t mean much.

Next up, Zune desktop software will no longer serve as a window to the Marketplace. You’ll have to browse apps either on the web, or on your phone. Even this doesn’t mean much, as Microsoft itself confesses that people use the web or their phones to browse the Marketplace, mostly. And let’s be honest, Zune is a pain to use, although it may be pretty.

Cannot wait for the day when Microsoft kills Zune completely and instead provides a simple app to manage our Windows Phones.

via Windows Team Blog