About Us

Starting off as a blog that concentrated on Android and Symbian stuff, we are a full blown site now, just in time for the festive season. A lot of effort was needed though. We want to expand the area of interest to other platforms as well, and in future you may even hear from us about iOS and Windows Phone. Well, as our readers, this piece of tid-bit is for you exclusively. But for that, we need you and your help.

The Androsym Team is small as of now, completing with two people – Rounak Jain and Aniket Vasishth. We are looking to expand it, and if you think you’ll make for a good writer, drop in a mail at [email protected].


The Team

Nitish Murthy – Contributor

Prashant Gupta – Editor

Rounak Jain – Founder, Chief Editor

Shamal Harkison – Contributor

Udit Vashisht – Contributor

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