A Peek into Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cameras

Recently, there was a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak, which gave us a glimpse into the new camera design, as well as the lens. There are definitely a few surprises when it comes to the phone’s rear cameras. You can expect a periscope zoom sensor, as well as a new type of camera that we have not seen on smartphones before.Just like machines à sous en ligne de paripop

The Twitter leak has been endorsed by Max Weinbach, as well as Ice Universe, which confirms that this is truly the Galaxy Note 20.

Exploring the Galaxy Note 20 Camera

From the leak, we can confirm that the block of the camera is a rectangular, which is the same as the Galaxy S20 series. There are also three main camera sensors. We also got to see an ultra-light, as well as telephoto cameras, like the ones on the Note 10. Another thing to note is that the telephoto will be using a periscope lens that is based on the rectangular shape that we mentioned above.

So far, word on the ground is that the Note 20 series will not be getting the Space Zoom feature that we go to see on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, we can still expect it to get 3 optical zoom cameras that come with a new censor.

The side of the cameras come with 3 cutouts. At the moment, we think that one of the cutout is for a rear microphone. The rear microphone can be used for audio zoom. This feature is also available on the Note 10. As for the other cutout, we think that it is for the flash of the camera.

We really have no idea what the large rectangle on the phone will be used for. The Galaxy S20 Ultra received a lot of backlash due to its jumpy and slow autofocus. Therefore, we assume that the additional sensor that is on the Note 20 will solve that problem so that the camera is much easier to use. Above all, we hope that this phone will come with a fast processor to allow us to enjoy big casino online games.