Mobile Commerce trends for 2019

As 2019 well and truly kicks into full swing, we can expect to see some serious changes coming in the near future. With mobile commerce growing more and more, though, we can expect it to play a leading role in 2019. What, though, are some of the common predictions around where the mobile commerce industry might head in 2019?

Shoppable Tags are In

One of the most useful changes to the world of mobile commerce is the introduction of tags on social media. Since a large section of shoppers will be happy to look around on social media for deals and inspiration, you can catch a few people with the desire to shop and make their more impulsive side take over.

Thanks to Instagram and other social media channels introducing ‘shoppable’ tags, you can easily encourage people to make their purchase in a moment. This is going to grow even further by adding in these tags, you make it easier than ever to direct your ideal client straight to your online store.

You don’t need us to tell you just how useful that can be. With the lucrative opportunity that his years, you could easily make a big difference to the way that you work and also boost social media impact.

One-Click Checkout is here to stay

In the past, fears about digital privacy and the like meant that many of us would simply never consider leaving personal details on our smart devices. With mobile commerce become more secure than ever, though, it is no surprise to see that one-click checkout systems are becoming more and more popular.

And it makes sense as to why: people want to use their impulses and make big purchases in the shortest space of time. With that in mind, you should look to pick up a one-click checkout solution similar to those offered by betting sites, as it will become very popular among your competition. It’s going to become very useful for those who use your site and company with regularity, meaning that they are more likely to make more consistent and regular purchases simply because you tend to make it easier for them to make the purchase in seconds.

Proximity Marketing Will Expand

Mobile marketing is changing all the time, and one of its most powerful additions is the use of proximity based marketing. Basically, if you were able to target people within X radius of your brick and mortar store, would you?

With proximity marketing – a growing trend in 2019 – that is 100% possible. You will find it much easier to do so as you can simply then grab the attention of as many people in your local areas you can. it’s going to send the ‘beacon’ signal to anyone with their Bluetooth on who is in the nearby area.

It might not get the attention of everyone, but it is more or less guaranteed to get the attention of someone – and it’s very much a growing trend around businesses in particular localized areas.

Speed is Everything

With the rise of mobile commerce, we now have more places to buy and pick our products from than we have ever had before, online gambling sites have almost perfect this offering sublime user experiences on mobile. This means that you need to stand out to make a sale, and to stand out properly you have to be swift. This means that you need to improve everything from your website layout to your business offerings. More importantly, though, you will need to make sure that mobile website pages are loading within just three seconds.

That’s next to no time at all, and shows you just how fast people want to see solutions loading on your screen. Sadly, impatience and a sea of choice means that you don’t really have any way to avoid losing customers if you are not fast enough. So, if you want to make sure you are getting lots of mobile hits in 2019, ensure your page speeds are suitable.

Easier Payments

The other easy solution with regards to payment is the volume of payment options. From Apple Pay to Visa Checkout and even PayPal One Touch, you have many forms of payment to take. The lack of cash might concern some as it can all feel a little fake, but society shows us that we are moving ever-closer to a cashless society.

Is that a good thing? Maybe not. But in 2019, you will need to be ready to work with easier and simpler payments across a shorter space of time. You will also need to offer these services purely on the basis that your competition will be. If you wish to make 2018 a year of positive growth, then, you need to find an easy way to link in all of the above into your business. It’ll be challenging, but the rewards are very clear to see.