SGS4 camera samples appear on Google+, confirm 1/3″ 13MP sensor

I accidentally came across a couple of images that were supposedly taken earlier today using Samsung’s next flagship phone – the Galaxy S4. EXIF data mentions model as GT-I9500 which possibly corresponds to SGS4.

Both images are in 16:9 format and have a resolution of 4128 x 2322 that is roughly 9.6MP.  However a 13MP sensor will also take pictures in similar resolution in Auto mode because the viewfinder can only utilize full screen in 16:9 mode. We have seen this trend with almost all recent devices.

SGS4 sample 2


Google Plus links: Image 1   |   Image 2

Update: Seems like the uploader has taken down  the images. Here is a screenshot from yesterday in case you think that we’re making this up. Or you can download the two images above. They are original non scaled versions.

 Screenshot (4)

exif sgs4

The focal length mentioned in exif is 4mm. Assuming that 35mm equivalent focal length is 28mm, the crop factor roughly points to a sensor size of 1/3″. Both HTC One and Xperia Z using 1/3″ sensor also have 4mm focal length.

The sensor is probably Sony Exmor RS, the one Sony used in Xperia Z. The reason I am assuming this is because (1) Samsung has been using Sony sensors in their flagships (2) Sony is the only popular manufacturer making 1/3″ sensors. Both Samsung and Omnivision have  been using the standard 1/3.2″ size for their sensors (which should correspond to a focal length of 3.6mm.)

If Samsung is using the Exmor RS, expect some feats like HDR Video recording,  improved low light image quality and around 10fps burst rate.