Taking a Look at the Must-Have Smart Devices for Online Finance School Students

Smart devices have become a staple piece of technology for the majority of people here in the United States. Whether you have just a smartphone or a number of smart devices, they have truly become must-have, and frankly, vital components of people’s lives. They obviously make it easier to communicate with people, but they can also help you to perform all kinds of tasks, duties, organize better, create a schedule for yourself, and so forth.

As an online university school student who is busy working towards their MBA with a concentration in finance, you know better than anyone just how important it is that you stay focused, on track, and scheduled when it comes to your studies.

Just take a look at the intense Suffolk University online MBA in Finance and it’s clear just how much you’ll be learning and balancing all at once. You’ll be busy trying to get a better understanding of how to manage portfolios, how to navigate the world of corporate finances, the ins and outs of investment banking, and so much more. With that said, you need smart technology devices that are going to help you be the very best student you can be.

So we are here to narrow down the options for you. We’ve gone ahead and put together a list of must-have devices that can help you excel as an online finance school student, and help you to obtain that all-important MBA.

Smart Personal Assistant

How many times have you found yourself thinking that you just have too much going on, it’s hard to juggle everything and keep it organized, and you wished you had an assistant to help you stay on track? Well, that is exactly where a smart home assistant can come in handy. Devices such as Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa and Echo have ballooned in popularity. These nifty little devices are capable of so many tasks and jobs that most people aren’t even aware of their true capabilities.

Some of the stand out features for online university students include the calendar feature, wherein the device will let you know what you have planned each day, the ability to set reminders and notes, create lists, streaming audiobooks, helping with research, and so much more. It is truly like having a personal assistant available to you at all times.

Smart Tech Backpack

Here’s some smart tech that not every student may be aware of, but should. If you are carrying notebooks, your laptop or tablet, or any other school-related items around you want to be sure it is protected. Smart technology backpacks are a great option. These are also called anti-theft backpacks since they feature RFID protection. What this does is makes it impossible for your information to be copied through magnetic scanners.

Companies such as Mancro are even taking it a step further and reinforcing the handle of the bag with steel so that it can’t be cut by a potential thief.

Smart Tablet

While you may assume that your smartphone is enough, ideally you will also want to invest in a tablet. A tablet just offers more in terms of power, technology, and capabilities. It offers a great portable solution so you can still log into school, take part in classes, do your homework, and read assigned work while on the go. The screen is much bigger, and sometimes sharper than your smartphone, making for a more user-friendly experience.

If you’re looking for a feature-packed yet budget-friendly model, some of the top tablets for 2019 include the Lenovo Tab 4 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, iPad Mini 4, Microsoft Surface Pro 6, and the Asus ZenPad 3S 10 9.7 Inch 2K IPS.


Then we have smartwatches, which are a little lower on the must-have list for university students, but still serve a purpose. Smartwatches excel in tracking things such as your heart rate, counting your steps, and your sleep patterns. However, they can also deliver notifications such as text messages, email alerts, and let you know about incoming calls to your phone. At the very least they act as a basic watch that you don’t have to fiddle around in your bag, purse, or pocket to find – unlike your smartphone.

Smart Tech to Make Student Life Easier

Each of these smart devices is meant to make your life as a student smoother, more organized, and more productive in general thanks to the many tools and features they offer.